CIL are proud to be associated with the designer refit program for Childsplay Clothing Ilford. A major project for this highly successful independent children’s designer store.


🔼So here it is…’s taken more than 18 months of pure hard work and passion from my team. Myself & my brother had a vision to bring the ultimate luxury shopping experience our loyal customers who have supported us for more than two decades….We hope you enjoy your time when you visit us and we aim to give only the finest service with the best children’s designer brands in the world !! 🔼One thing i have learnt is that we must work hard & never give up, no matter how hard things become at times ,we can then enjoy the fruits of our labour, however we must always stay humble at all times….everybody must always be respected no matter who they are….we are all human and deserve that….rich or poor….colour or creed. 🔼Love to My #Team ! My #Family and most of all our #Customers WORLDWIDE…..I hope you enjoy the video …….. New Flagship #childsplayclothing #goldroom #believeyoucan #weareglobal 🌏

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CilPlan at Seasalt

Here are some images of our Cilplan system. Cilplan was developed with the retailer in mind with its unique approach to merchandise presentation and use of space 7 - Copy Launch 2 and windows 118 (22)

Imperial War Museum Duxford

CIL have successfully completed the supply of a bespoke display system for the Imperial War Museum Duxford.

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war museum